• rdblessed 9w

    You Know

    You know how I am
    broken into ashes and ashes to nothing.
    You know world is at beautiful peace,
    Even I don't accept the human divisions.
    You know how I fell down,
    I have left with no wish,
    Only I wish to be free,
    I don't know you exist or don't ,
    But you know.
    Every night I fell down to pieces,
    To ashes and to nothing.
    The journey is always from nothing to nothing.
    I want to cut this heart out and to throw this unstoppable thoughtful mind so miles away to be happy as a common man.
    I don't want any special treatment ,
    I want to be a common happy man who lives his dreams made by you and not breaking all the lies and getting frustrated over truths.
    You know truth is always challenging,red as blood and fearful.
    Some stories tells about your existence,
    Some stories about you as a dielemma.
    Even I am not a religious man now,
    Nor I am a theist ,
    Nor I am a believer,
    I opened my eyes of truth to burn my vision of this lie world.
    Until I die ,I pray for peace in my heart and mind and want to achieve my dreams,
    What will I do of 7 chakras and 7 bodies,
    Until I don't enjoy as a normal human being.
    You know from where I started,
    I don't know how it ends now,
    It may be the most beautiful,
    But you know the present,
    I am down now,
    Kept ego aside ,
    Walking like enlightened dead,
    I hope if you exist you will reply,
    I don't want my own answers which fades with time like a footprint on sand,
    I want your answer,
    What is my fate,
    Nothing is peaceful here.
    You know how I lost all hate ,
    How I buried that hate,
    You know all,
    I don't need your silent answers ,
    I need your answer.
    You know how down I am .
    I need your answer.