• notreallyjolly 5w

    I still try
    Not to cry!!
    You said a lot of tragic
    words to me last weekend.
    That' has made my
    wound worsened.
    I want you to see
    The monster that has
    become of me
    How the thorns emerged
    from a skin so smooth
    Bleeding from awful truth
    There I was
    into a brute I feared
    I became the person
    i lost once
    Reflecting you with
    each instance

    May be a facsimile
    replica of us
    Would last longer
    than the real has

    So here i am doing
    as you did
    Slaying souls to
    fulfill my greed
    Using anybody
    when i'm in need
    But it's you am seeking
    in their eyes indeed.