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    One from my blog.
    Dedicated to all mothers and mine.
    Wishing you a happy mother's day.


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    This is what Shakespeare quoted.

    People come – act and go

    But some characters live life long.

    All have a role to play :

    For their own , own livelihood.

    Many forms , many colors’

    But some forms act ‘Just Selflessly ‘.

    The form still survives :

    Form times older than history knows-

    Till times science can predict.

    The form “MOTHER” will be best born.

    “MOTHER” – this six letter simple word

    Is a whole world inside.

    Complete as if she is the Earth

    And prosperous as if the Heaven .

    Nine months of pain and patience ,

    This shows the first selfless love.

    Love for her hoped new name –

    For the one who is still not born.

    So many ups and so many downs ,

    No matter what life got to teach next !!

    Her priority never changes

    Her love never shrinks , rather enriches.

    May be she has not eaten for hours ,

    But her child , she sees , is never empty .

    Well some think ‘this all moms do’

    But thinking such : Is it right ?

    Why not the whole world be against ,

    But at every point a mother owes herself

    Owes herself to her child .

    No matter, whether her child is right or not .

    May be before the walls ,

    She would be the rudest of all.

    But that’s just because : she

    Cannot tolerate any question against her blood.

    Hypophrenia , This often reaches her ,

    But is it she has no reason .

    Or may be she would be having ;

    Because her mind and soul is still attached .

    Still attached to her child,

    May be , so far , it would be surviving .

    But a scratch on its skin –

    Makes a scar on her heart .

    After eighteen or may be before that –

    We often have girlfriends or boyfriends .

    But is it her or him we remember

    In times we stay in sea of sorrows.

    ‘MOTHER’ – this is the first name

    That hits our mind ;

    When any problem we go through ,

    Or any misfortune we face .

    Since she became a mother

    Till the last breath of her life :

    Even at her eleventh hour

    Its her child’s happiness she looks for .

    From prayers till blessings ,

    From receiving till giving .

    All are in favour of her new form ;

    That’s the one she gave birth to .

    Without any expectation ,

    Just with some little hope ,

    She dedicates herself to her child

    That’s how a mother lives her life .

    Her fees for all these , what she expects :

    Its just some caring with a little extra love.

    And believe this , after this she will thank God –

    “ It was a real jewel you planted in my womb ” .