• apneshabd 5w

    Storm and Solace within her.

    About a girl who is born to be cute but believes breaking all the hooks, Loves to care and hence gets sad. Never forget to smiles hence always craves for that positive vibes. Ready for a healthy discussion but loves to be dumb at some serious situation. Building her own little castle with lots of imagination and then gets frightened about her own reactions. Smiles at her own faults. Confuse her ownself and others but always stand firm on her own decision. Have been the alone warrior. Think of spreading peace to her parents and closed ones but fails at time due to various reasons. Have so much to do, have so much to buy, have so much to be happy about, but still worrying about the best may be only God knows this reason. Have so much of scars and so much of fear but is an ultimate warrior. A perfect combination of storm and solace in the heart and the eyes.