• violentchemicals 35w

    Words Meant To Be Pretty

    He's my violent daydream with a malicious smirk
    Standing at the alter of death
    I'm his delicious, fantastic murder
    My deranged smile is manifesting
    As his eyes sparkled with mischief and ill-intent
    He's perfected seduction as a weapon....
    His intoxicating empty, emotionless eyes
    They link with my long lost gaze....
    Seething in anger he raises his fist
    Turning my gaze to horror
    Utter fear and hysteria, agonizing and bitter
    The seconds waiting for the blow....
    So confusing and nerve racking
    Grimacing, whimpering...
    Heartbroken eyes pleading silently with his own hate and fury swirled
    Betrayal written in my eyes
    Emotion burning in his....
    It's over as fast as his mood turned
    I'm left to a nightmare-riddled sleep