• alicetheforsaken 10w

    Hey everyone,I'm back!Sorry about the long disappearance.I've been entering contests and searching for more publication opportunities.This poem was written by me on a website(It was one of the only opportunities I came across),but I'm known by a different name there.I'll try to change it to the name I have here.So I'm gonna give you guys all the poems I've written there,plus new ones,enjoy!And one more time,so sorry.

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    Vanity Beyond The Willows

    We've waited too long to starve.
    We don't instigate you to feel alarmed at our presence.
    They say that birds of a feather should always flock together.
    Oh please,you know that this isn't the case.
    Its all been erased from our minds.
    So says these black wings of ours.
    That can't be outgrown.
    You must have all been alone,lost in your vanity's time.
    Those pink feathers can't pick up the pieces.
    Water dances are your only releases.
    Soon,we'll take no more.
    Soon,you'll hit the ground.
    Show offs are you then?
    We'll take that from you.
    How are we supposed to feel when all they see in us is black?
    We don't want to look in the water and see our shadows looking back.
    Your dissonance has gone to far.
    We won't let you distract yourselves any longer.
    The predators are closing in on you all.
    Your show of beauty will not make you stronger.
    So circle,circle.
    Above your heads.
    Waiting for your vanity to turn from pink to red.
    Yes circle,circle.Around we go!
    By then we'll snatch you from beyond the willow trees.
    If only your souls were noticed.
    If you had showed them instead.
    It wouldn't have to be this way.
    No tears would be shed.
    Letting it happen like this,you'd think it's murder or theft.
    But you have lost consciousness in your heart's.
    So we will take what's left.