• bhavabhivyakti 10w


    It's funny that there's this word people use
    when they're away from home called 'homesick'..
    The funny part being that the word
    doesn't even begin to describe
    the extent of deaths this sickness could cause inside you..

    If 'home' is a feeling you only know
    in your soul's state of senselessness,
    and not a place made of walls and ceilings..
    If home is a sense of freedom
    and not conformity to the wisdom of the elders..
    Is it really a home?
    And the feeling of its absence a homesickness?
    Or is it simply a haunted loss of reality,
    in your craving, a call from your void,
    of a better reality waiting to be created by you!
    Who knows, until your delusional world breaks its way out of you, slowly, deliberately, painfully..