• thenumblight 19w

    You took shelter in my imagination

    I wont hesitate to say my thoughts about you be soo beautiful. But i'd  probably let the silence dig in ,calming the ocean of our minds and rather turn my sonnets into a corpse hanging leading to a death  tale. I know i am a wierdo , but i promise Our nights would lit in like a hope drenched in tears of hapinness ..we might live in the dark and let the shadows take over us  .hey!but wait it'll be no one else than me! who will make sure that i'll be having my hands on u so that the shadows go through me before you and do not forget dat i'll be having my head under your chin and i never knew when this heroic  side of yours slid in.Meanwhile you continue to surprise me with  your bravery .Damn boy ! you protect me with your  love like i am  the only priceless  gem left in the world you  see
     so that these shadows realize that we have got through so many of these storms we stand by each other holding hands, when the thunder rumbles ill be the one protecting you with my tiny hands even if it fails to fit in .And by the time you get to know that i am the only one ..i smile back at you for the realization you get of us being eternal.

    i wish you existed in reality ...:)

    PS: It's a too good to be true tale