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    You've been driving all day in the hot sun, across one of the driest and longest states there are in the US.No scenery except a stray deer here and there and one semi truck after another...
    As you pass through this tiny little town, with one stop sign, you begin to understand where the name"ghost town" came from! Buuut as you reach the other side of town and start to speed up again, back out on the highway... You notice as the air gets less dry and the scenery around you becomes an emerald green and that to your left is a lake that's sparkling a blue, almost as blue as the largest sky you've ever seen above and all around you..Beautiful houses, with lakefront property and horses running free with the antelope.
    You see people laughing and playing on boats and jet skis and having bbqs, featuring some of the state's most delicious, organic, Prime USDA Beef! And although you would LOVE to jump from the car right there, but, if you wait just 20-30 more mins, the best is yet to come!
    You begin to drive a little faster, excited as you look to the right at the mountains growing taller and more beautiful, with large mountain goats(rams) running free and if you look really hard, one or two you may see! If you look UP at the large birds flying around, you may just be lucky enough to see America's bird; the beautiful and majestic Bald Eagle. Soaring on wings with at least a 4 foot span tip to tip and to the left the lake is turning to a rushing river, that you can go rafting on; to cool off on hot day!
    You hold your breath and make a wish as you drive on into the dark canyon through the mountains.. One canyon, hold your breath, into the second canyon and then a third and you let go, before your lungs explode..
    You see mountains to the left, mountains to the right and the roaring river through the middle with little spaces to stop as much as you like, to take pictures at the million and one picturesque places, that could be straight from National Geographic! I personally like to keep going, so I can get to my favorite part!
    As you enter my town that sits in a valley, rolling hills encircling it and protecting us, to make sure winter is never too harsh and just warm enough to enjoy all four seasons.... Especially an autumn that sets all the trees afire!
    As you look around our little town you can see the different Geyser formations, from the hot thermal waters that are nestled in and around town. As you get to almost the other end of the town, a mountain with white rocks, spell out.."largest hot springs in the WORLD!" and an arrow points them out..but you can't possibly miss them, as the river you've been following for miles pours into the thermal water and the colors they make are blues, purples and pinks that glitter like a liquid rainbow.
    Sooo, if you're really blessed, you've made it to town as the sun is about 10 mins from setting and you keep driving til you see a herd buffalo (or technically bison) to the left and you're driving over and down a large hill and with the sun setting, see the red mountains to the right; almost turn golden and you're there..
    A nestled little sacred, secret; at the bottom of the hill that looks like an ordinary camp ground with a pool UNTIL you park your car and look astound at the beauty you would've missed had you kept driving. You get into your bathing suit, trying not to run as you become as excited as a kid at Christmastime. (and sometimes you go a little faster because it's cold outside, which is truly magical!)
    You slip into the aqua marine colored waters around an average of 100° 's with the steam rising taller than you.. The sun setting in the mountains, as every trouble and tight muscle just melt away and the stars come out from one side of the sky to the other. twinkling SO brightly and beautifully, it's like God turned on a million little nightlights, just for you!
    And as every mineral soaks into your body and soul and as you watch water spout from a geyser and into the pool, which depending where you are; has varying degrees of warm to VERY hot and you just let go... of every trouble, every ache and every thought..
    The only care you have left in the world is, where to sleep; when you're done.