• minnu_thomas 10w

    I tried to forget everything to forgive everything and move on in my life.

    Maybe I was just numb but this dream I had today reminded me everything. Everything I tried to forget and forgive and never wanted to flash again.

    May be this dream was a shot I need right now to remind me why all this happened and why exactly did I choosed this over anything and why should I be happy for everything that has happened.

    #dream #reminder #writerstolli #mirakee

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    This Bad Dream Was A Reminder

    The dream I had was a completely inappropriate dream with the most inappropriate people in it.
    It was a reminder of why I choose this decision and why should I be happy for everything that's ever gone from my life.
    This was a reminder of all the inappropriate things that has ever happened.
    It was a reminder of how you felt when you felt that before.
    Just in case my 24/7 numbness have made me forget anything and I started to regret any of the choices.