• footy_poet 22w

    AFL Round 13 2018

    The Dogs should be rested - after their break,
    But can they stomach Wines and a Powell-Pepper steak.

    The Eagles are the team to beat - according to the stats,
    The Swans had it easy - against the St Kilda witches hats.

    The Freo kids were flying - straight out of the box,
    Try and keep a straight face saying
    "Apeness to Cox".

    Suns vs Saints - does anyone care?
    Could the loser of this game be the next Brisbane Bear?

    The Crows are up and down - fans have had their fill,
    Will Clarko grab dessert with his new mate Gil?

    Danger's impressive mo - but looked like a creep,
    Dusty ready to fire - after training with the sheep.