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    Happy friendship day to you all my dear friends , it's only and only your inspiration due to which I'm here .
    Love you Bidya , @love_whispererr ❤️ @seyfert❤️ for inspiring me to write this poem ,
    Love you @mirakee ❤️, love you @writersnetwork❤️
    for providing this paradise like platform to express ourselves. I'm grateful to you all

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork❤️❤️ for reposting my work, it's always a great motivation for me .

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    Let life be fragments of relentless perseverances
    Let sky be cloudy with unfulfilled dreams
    It's too big to meander
    Only with negativities
    The space is colossal and infinite
    Let's drift our soul and mind
    With umpteen positivities
    Possibilities are even more attractive
    Let our mind be not filled
    with futile fear and anxieties
    We're all destined one day
    To that same destination of silent paradise
    Where fear , grief , hope , joy ne'er reside
    Only relentless peace and peace
    There's only tryst with heaven's niche.