• snkn_n_dizzy 54w

    After long I've tried writing something which is more of a rhapsody and less of a melancholy.

    This one is for you my baby sister, you've always been my reservoir of happiness, love , positivity and energy.
    Despite of our age difference, you come up with ideas that blasts my mind and motivation that pulls me up.
    Thank you for making me believe that angels are alive and for being the best gift of my life.

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    Pristine aura , fresh as morning dew,
    Mermaid or unicorn , what are you?

    With every memory fresh and new,
    I still can't believe how fast you grew.

    Couldn't witness your first win in a row,
    You made sure I was the first to know.

    More than a sister, a guardian to you,
    Chronicles of mischief, known to a few.

    I've grown old matching your enthuse,
    Thanks for curing my wounds and bruise.

    You always bring my lips to askew,
    Packet of energy, photon, are you?

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