• joan53 10w


    This was meant for a challenge long closed and past. But I finished it at long last.

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    I use to live upon a dusty shelf
    Drawing pictures of myself
    Watching others do as they do
    Not knowing if I fit in too
    A watcher of people
    Quiet as a church mouse
    If it weren't for the bullies
    I probably could have gone undetected
    But it was impossible to go unnoticed
    When you're the giant among the shrimps
    They started to behave like chimps
    Though I was stronger than they
    I didnt want to hurt them
    I just could not fight them back
    But I survived my childhood woes
    I found my freedom to be just me
    But by than I did not care
    I found motherhood my forté
    I loved it in every way but one
    Potty training is an absolute pain
    I'd rather get hit by a freght train
    I had my ups and i had my downs
    I picked myself up and flew til dawn
    That's when I realized that I'm complete
    All I ever wanted was my family
    Who loves me and who I can love back
    I hope they can see that they have everything
    And this world has nothing that can compare
    I leave with a heart filled with love
    And just as naked as I came
    I will shed this chrysalis behind me
    And like the butterfly flit away to heaven
    Where beauty, peace, and love doth dwell