• wordaddict_honey 35w

    When He found She,
    A realistic optical illusion..

    She!! Oh yess!! I'm telling to you about you.
    Your eyes!! They are like bubbles with a velvet touch.
    From beneath the lashes,they can change the world for me.
    The kohl you apply on your eyelids, your eyes seem like a duo of little blooming pearls cored in a shell
    Shy or filled with tears,my world still stands still.
    Your eyes are god's gift for you wherein his blessings reside.
    A treasure of dreams,desires of heart,deep down which can understand every unspoken word.
    They themselves are never sort of words to speak.
    They draw me closer,trap me everytime and my heart starts rapid pumping.
    Like a dew drops on the flower,you make me forget the world.
    Stay on my lips like a poetry and let me wake in your eyes like a dreams.
    Stay in my soul,scatter in my breaths.
    I beg your proximity.
    When your hand is in my hand, whole world is with me. I just ask you from you to give me yourself.
    And then I realise its an optical illusion,a fantasy, a mirage..
    Tragically they just dissappeared and I have to get back to reality..