• reneee________ 5w

    Love, relationships, heartbreak, sunlight, rain, driving, breathe

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    If I look at us a little bit out of focus, I can breathe easy.
    Sleep easy
    Get through the day easy.
    Tell myself I'm worth it, easily
    Remind myself that I love you, heart and soul and down to the core, easy. There's no one like me for you, no one to see you like I can. And when I look at us a little out of focus, we're bright and beautiful.
    But in some regard we are headlights, oncoming traffic on the highway, on a rainy night. Out of focus, heightening your senses, a little bit nervous, a tightened grip, because we can't be certain.
    I want to love us in the same way I love the sun, even though we can't really look at her straight on, we can feel her love, radiating. But sometimes you make me feel like driving too fast through the city in a downpour and I am a little afraid. I've got faith in my body that's gotten me this far. But like good tires in a flash flood, at some point you'll lose traction, at some point there's nothing you can do, so I just keep rushing home.