• akshayac 10w

    Maybe 2020 was not the year we ever expected,
    Yet Iam thankful to it...
    Thankful because it taught us,
    How much value our life has...it's priceless!
    Who are the real ones...the people who really love us,
    Who really care for us, who stand by us,
    And ofcourse opened our eyes so that we could
    Figure out the fake ones!
    It helped us to look at our lives from a different perspective,
    Taking out time for what we love,
    For the things we had left behind due to our busy schedule,
    But 2020 made us relive all those things which probably otherwise would not have been possible,
    It helped us spend time with our near and dear ones,
    Many people lost their loved ones and we can't be enough sorry for them,
    We can only be thankful to all the warriors because of whom we are alive,
    Ofcourse 2020 showed us so many problems,
    Poverty, unemployment, financial issues and what not,
    But I am thankful because it also showed us how much strength we carry that we fought it and we are ready for 2021...
    Things won't change all of a sudden, maybe it may worsen or get good but we are definitely ready for it,
    Maybe 2020 was just a warm-up but we had enough and we are ready to give a tough one,
    THANKU 2020 for teaching us so much,
    Gratitude only because IAM STILL ALIVE AND READY TO FIGHT❣️