• surbhi_verma 10w

    She is gifted with ,with all the positive vibes the sparkles she spread She is happily happy ☺️.and has the mole on upper lips-a blessing !!
    She is cute ASF , and a enough bad bitch !!She is over-secreteve ,Reliable and significant ,Whatsoever needed ?
    The best she give !! Isn't it a magic ?
    You know what??She is stupid enough to believe -Your fake promises ,she is no more " herself "'
    She never expect from you to be her SEASHELL , when she is the PEARL'
    But a promise of that would convince her the best that you love her REALLY!!
    She looses her own value when she fall in FUCK love , literally how deep she fall for YOU??
    She damn fuck care you understand her or not , then all she want is you !!
    She start begging for love , and for what? For the thing she was never needed of !! ‍♀️
    Who else FUCK like that??