• namratahangala 4w

    Just a kid in a bubble

    So many dreams, so many of them. But you're always told to shut some of them down, 'cause "Who can do all of it in one lifetime?"
    But if you listen to this song called Vienna by Billy Joel, he says "Only fools are satisfied". This one lyric can have a million meanings to it. Now, how I see it is exactly what the lyric says when you first read it. Only fools are satisfied! What's the point of having a dream, and then achieving it, and then sitting with a sense of satisfaction for the rest of your life?
    No point whatsoever. Now, if you had a very vague choice of dreams that you yourself know is impossible to achieve, then um... You might as well pop your bubble. You see, I'm just a kid in a bubble. This bubble had so many dreams, so many wonderful thoughts and ideas. But lately, it's been filled with a little bit of confusion and so the place is getting filled. I don't want to suffocate with this confusion to be honest. But somewhere I feel like this confusion might be a reality check. Somewhere I feel like I can achieve all that's on this bubble, but I also need to work. It honestly isn't enough. Which is why there are only very few great personas in this world. Everyone can dream. Not everyone can turn them into reality. Not everyone is willing to do what it takes. You want it? Go get it. How? By doing every single thing it takes to get it. For every time I complained about not getting something my way, my dad says "I didn't do enough". I'd get mad at him. But I think now I realize what he means. "Bubblu, if you want something that bad.. You'll go get it. No matter what. You'll go get it. And I don't see that spark in you yet. I just don't." He's always been supportive of me no matter what. But somehow I took his honesty to come across a little blunt and rude. But I now realize, if not for him, who's gonna be this honest with me? Who will tell me at some point that what I'm doing is in fact not enough!!?
    I now realize. It isn't. I might be one of the few who has many many dreams, but I also might end up with the many who have very few chances of getting where they want to, right now. Greatness comes with a great price, indeed. It's not like everything else. But this realization has hit me so hard right now, that I AM ready to do what it takes. Be it waking up at 4 even over the weekends or slogging it out until I can't move my legs. A part of me is ready to take this challenge. A part of me wants it so bad. But there's also this other part of me that says I'm incapable of doing this. I can't help it, it stays that way. But it's a small part of me, so I guess I wouldn't mind tackling it on my way. As of now, I'm just a kid in a bubble. I haven't popped it yet. But one day, I will. One day, I'll look at my dad and say "it's because of you I could come out of my bubble. It's because of your honesty, that I'm standing here today. And it's because of you, I'm able to not only believe, but also experience that 'A moment of pain IS worth a lifetime of glory'. So, Thank you."
    But don't get me wrong, as of now I'm still a kid in a bubble. Just a kid in a bubble. And even this, is just a dream. This is all in my bubble. But one day, it'll all be there. Hopefully the silver lining of hard work and faith on the needle will be enough to pop the bubble. I'm sure it will be enough. But it isn't as easy as it seems. I'll try. But as of now, I'm just a kid in a bubble.
    Just a kid in a bubble.