• sidneylynn0519 9w

    Double Homicide

    Your blackened heart captures me.
    I've grown fond of pain darling.
    The more you hurt me the more I crave,
    That makes me f*cked up too babe.
    Toxicity is now my normality.
    Do it again. I like that sh*t.
    Take me hard Daddy, I'm not scared.
    I don't wanna leave this bloody nightmare.
    You like it when I f*cking scream, right?
    I know you love it, I can see it in your eyes.
    Wrap your hands around my neck,
    Trap the oxygen in my chest.
    Oh yeah baby, I want more,
    You're my warden, I'm your whore.
    Down on my knees, blood on my lips.
    Grab my hips, give me a kiss.
    You taste my soul, you take my power.
    You like when I beg, louder, louder.
    Tie me there against that stone,
    Walk away, I'm alone.
    I love the demons you possess,
    I f*ck them too when we have sex.
    Take from me what you please,
    I'm you're slave, I won't leave.
    Drag me down with you, I'll follow.
    I can take it, my heart's hollow.
    You're a sinner aren't you doll?
    Devour me, f*ck them all.
    You think I'm weak because I crawl at your feet?
    That's cute Daddy, can't you see?
    I like these twisted f*cked up games.
    I play them with you, we're the same.
    The black you have inside of you,
    I feast on that, I have it too.
    I love it when you tear me down,
    And you love f*cking having me around.
    We crave this toxic, painful game.
    You and I are both the same....