• martin_d_angelus 31w

    I mean, we’ve [all] been there.

    So many ideas, but unable to express them.

    So many thoughts in our mind, but nothing seems to make sense.

    It should not be that difficult, we know what to say. We know the meaning of the words. They just seem silent.

    They have no pounding drum effect or any reverberation, as with the echoes, if we were in a cave. They have no transcendent feeling, as if they had no life anymore.

    No more…excitement or thrill. They seem to have lost their touch. Their just meaningless words, blank thoughts in my mind, wandering and stumbling, as if they were intoxicated.

    My thoughts are blank. I don’t know why. Maybe, am past, maybe am a lie.

    ©Martin_D_Angelus [BLANK THOUGHTS] [2018]