• kathryn5 5w

    " DIRTY LAUNDRY " 2019
    By Kathryn Ann Churchman

    Dirty Laundry
    Piling up in the closet
    Spilling out onto the floor.

    Dirty Laundry
    Nobody is perfect
    We all have spilled
    Lemonade on the floor.

    Though the world may cast stones
    Ain't none of us the same
    For we all have changed over time.

    It's no use
    We can't hide our past
    For whispers soon catch up with us.

    People tend to see the worst
    But they don't see
    The leaves change for Fall.

    Wishing the world was different
    That people wouldn't judge
    Instead show Forgiveness and Love.

    Cleased by the rain
    The basket now empty
    The laundry has been hung out to dry.