• iseh_ek 9w

    Quite appealing to sight, she's beautiful
    Priceless piece of treasure, she's golden
    Vulnerable yet filled with strength
    Adorable is every piece of her
    A sexxy piece of art I would say
    That which I desire every damn time
    It takes two to tangle they say
    So Let's twist our feelings together in line
    That radiant smile she portrays, butterflies my heart
    The love that accompanies that smile, drowns me to stupor
    Spare me a hug, and I'll hold you so tight
    Lend me a kiss, I'll steal those soft lips
    Feel me slide you from dry to wet,
    Warm breath as if in a haste,
    I better end my poem already
    But I'm damn craving you, every single part of you
    Spare me a moment with my Bambi,
    Just a moment.
    She's the one Love