• sahla_rafat 10w

    Perhaps the people in heaven needed actors to entertain them too so God took the best from Earth.
    Those who know me would be aware of my love for old songs...
    My playlist is equally shared by those filmed on Rajesh Khanna and Rishi Kapoor.
    The charm they carried and the justice they delivered to the songs by their expressions made it so lively...
    Even today if I come across a song on YouTube having Rishi I wouldn't mind spending next 30 minutes binge watching every other songs of him in recommendations.
    Ever since I watched Bobby...this cute, innocent face has attracted me like no other.
    In a family full of stars you had your own charisma...
    Om Shanti Om!!

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    Perhaps the people in heaven were too bored of COVID stories and needed actors for entertainment and God fulfilled their request and took the best from us to them.