• karan_kelkar 9w

    Tug of war

    Today felt a bit too much
    Felt like playing tit for tat or as such
    I have a lot to say but it won't be worth
    Because I know this is a tug of war
    While the rope just keeps getting longer
    We are clinging on and not letting go
    Because one thing we certainly know
    Even though we may not show
    Our hearts yearn for joy not sorrow
    We'll crave for each other more tomorrow
    So let's call it a momentary lapse of reason
    and let us speak like we once spoke
    Wish I could snap apart this rope
    And leave it short and taut, oh I hope
    Till there just enough left for a knot
    Till I feel you and your warmth
    Even though we would want
    We won't have rope enough for tug of war
    So sleep sweet sugar
    Let us start again, tomorrow