• pickedapen 50w


    I was travelling in the bus
    And someone blew a whistle
    Right next to my ear
    Noone really understood what happened
    When a few of my breaths
    Spread about like small specs
    Of glitter and dust
    Noone knew that I have dandeline breaths
    Some other time someone
    Who didn't know me that well
    Had something to applaud me
    About and they patted my back
    With a thump and dandelions blew again.
    Spiraling and sprinting away from me.
    I was worried and scared for I had not
    enough breaths for someone to blow
    But then I met you and I was flying
    And I suspected you to be a dandelion
    Too so to sort out my theory
    I touched your lips with mine and
    Pulled in some air when you
    Did the same, and both of us had
    A little bit of us inside us.
    They say dandelions bring you
    Kisses from love
    I say kisses bring dandelions into us.