• kanav_bawa 5w



    You charm around the crowd
    They start branding you,

    You sparkle in brilliance
    They start cornering you,

    You shine among the people
    They start breaking you,

    You listen to them more
    The more they weaken you,

    You change for them more
    The more they tame you,

    You begin to understand them
    They start manipulating you,

    You start feeling yourself worthless
    They start being generous with you,

    You embrace the thought of dependency
    They begin to treat you like Royalty,

    You start enjoying being pampered
    They start criticizing you,

    You start accepting bullying
    They start torturing you,

    You speak their language
    They call you foolish,

    You shrink in wisdom
    They brand you invalid,

    You changed your perception,
    They thought you were dumb.

    This is a life of women,
    Don't let this happen to you,

    Don't change your thinking,
    Overpowered by anyone,
    Listen to all but,
    Speak as you want,
    Don't give back but, 
    don't listen harsh 

    You have a brain of yourself,
    You always had,
    Use it harder.

    Women, you are half of the world,
    The better world holds you strong,

    Don't wait for anyone to
    Your beautiful presence on PLANET.