• pa_luck 5w

    Main ne pathar se jin ko banaya sanam
    Wo khuda ho gaye dekhte dekhte
    Jin pathro ko hum ne ataa ki thi dharkane
    Wo bolne lage tu hum hi pe baras pare !!


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    A yowling wolf resonating
    consonant with the phonetics
    of all the buried timbers of their tones
    unmasking the repeated voices.

    The wind swaying with an intense inflection
    about the moistish allegory
    flowing like a cascade
    reaching out to be read sequentially.

    The imbricating yarn, layering
    the different shades of sand
    sticking on the tear tracings
    making it look like a continuum
    of a past, present and iteration.

    A shadow overpowering a shadow
    refusing the pall to incline in a sanctuary
    too eager to expose the correlation
    between the birth of another
    before the demise of former.

    The fingers prodding the sodden soil
    exhaling while being choked by
    the hefty heep of fortuity of replications
    that makes it a nugatory extant letter.