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    Swipe up-ed the call, “Happy Diwali to you and uncle and aunty”. Rads replied from the other side. “ yaah! Thanks.”

    “Come on. That’s really rude of you Ayush. ‘.

    “Yaah right! We were supposed to go on the date. Why do you work for such a boring boss?”

    “Come on Ayush. you promised to be supportive plus it’s a new startup yaar, it will take some hard work to establish it. Think this startup as your clinic. The better the equipment better the diagnosis. So similarly, as the web designer I have to see that the site works smoothly especially on these busy days.”

    “whatever. Stay safe and text once you reach home, Rads. And yes, Happy Diwali.” and he disconnected the phone.

    As Rads turned to her computer and the office receptionist stepped into her cabin,” ma’am there is someone waiting for you at the reception. He said it’s urgent.”

    Radhika went up to the reception. As she turned the corner of the hallway, she found herself face to face with Ayush.

    “Why are you here? I thought you were at home.” Radhika blatted out as she hugged him tightly.

    “Rads, I promised to be supportive of every choice of yours. This job is important to you and I didn’t want you to feel lonely today. I know that if the things were opposite, I would have found you standing in front of my clinic. It's okay we could not go on our date but that doesn’t mean I can't bring our date to you.” and Ayush brought out a box of sweets.


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