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    Actually why do people consume drug constantly??? Why do they make all their constant habits like sleeping pills ...music...sadness an addiction?? Have you ever thought....share your views here i am sharing mine...
    I think wen we feel lack of love from people around us we gradually find a solace in actions that gives us peace and it actually turns to be a habit and thus it becomes a constant drug that fills the gap of love... But do this really make sense. No i think cus what can replace love yaar... Nothing but only love can replace love... Much more deeper love is de only cure for solitude we feel... Lemme tell u one soulful love is enugh for thousand drugs you consume cus that one love will transform you to a better human filled with kindness.. Injecting empathy to your heart... Objecting criticism ... And making others smile a priority.... And ultimate goal will be spreading love... And love is kindness so you wont take any drug and think of harming someone else .... Constant filling of empty space in one's soul with consistent and deep love that heals all wound would do wonders and gives you a twenty time better peace and happiness than any drug and you in return will only love them back and that will create a harmony in this world... Thus love with thousand beautiful dream is better than any thousand drug that gives u lifeless sleep .....


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    When you own
    One soul
    That could satisfy your emotions
    You will endup saying
    No to all drugs
    Stabilizing your
    Mental health
    One loving heart
    Is enugh than
    Thousand other drugs