• essie_ 6w

    My Country weeps, my Country bleeds,
    Hoping for a better tomorrow.
    Cowards that cannot face terrorists,
    Point their weapons at peaceful people with only placards.
    The ones that are meant to protect us, are the ones getting us killed.
    They have guns but they're scared of the weapon we have; our voices.
    No matter what happens we will keep speaking,
    They already ignited us and we cannot be put out.
    It started with #endsars but it will end with #abetterNigeria.
    God is fighting for His people,
    He (God) knows how and when to deal with you cowards.
    He (God) won't just fight for us,
    He (God) will change the game and do it in style!
    The land will be green and Nigeria will be great again,
    But you cowards won't be a part of the story.