• aishuvinni 9w

    Hey!! Meri apple pie
    You know that
    I like you so much and what you mean for me...
    Haa kabhi kabhi mei jealous bhi hoti hu
    Tuje kisi aur ke saat dekh kar but that's ok....
    I won't ask you to stay forever
    Cz we don't know how things endup
    Now, we know that we are drifting apart starting new beginnings
    And we just can't say whether those things which we had till now lasts or not

    But still I just want you to say that
    No matter how longer but we try our best to stay together &
    As long as we are together we take part in each others so called "choti choti batei"

    Kabhi bhi thuje kisi apne ki zarurat hogi thab mei hamesha thera Saath rahungi
    No matter what!! yeh cheez tho mei promise kar sakthi hu!! Iska matlab ye nahi hei ki thum bhi hamesa mera saath rehna hei, cz it's all about giving and not expecting

    But still, I wish you to stay!! thanks for being till now!!

    #ignore my grammar mistakes agar kuch hei tho

    Happy Birthday bae