• jen1234091 10w

    Old Self

    Each and everyday is a new opportunity to better yourself.
    So go ahead and just leave that old book in a shelf.
    Don't let the past define your future,
    And remember that old keys do not open new doors.
    Just know that you outgrew that phase.

    There will be people who will make you regain consciousness of the horrible past you once lived in.
    Don't let them get to you.
    They tend to say "people don't change", but if you believe that you can,
    Then you will.

    I am not the person I was yesterday, nor the person you still think I am.
    I am much stronger, much better, much brighter, and happy.
    So let people believe what they want.
    After all, your old self will only remain a blurred memory in the future if you decide to better yourself.