• killer_princess 10w

    Strange figure

    Oh strange figure outside my window
    what ferocious beauty you flaunt
    your soft pink check that golw
    are tempting me as you want..

    when you leant on the bark of the tree
    a sword piercing into my heart I could feel
    That song you sung to attract me
    just lingers in my mind like a BIG DEAL'

    you theathen to chock and tare me,
    I wonder how you hate me
    you forgo your pain just to hurt me
    I'm just a young woman you see....

    I need not remind you that day when it rained diamonds in our place
    your breath got stronger, your veins got thicker
    and you sat tall even when the icy winds freezed your face
    it's just a waste of time if you think you could fool me with ur face..

    I am just wondering how could I escape......