• solstice_ 6w

    For her

    My lungs collapse as her lips dance when they speak my name
    Slowly my heart gets stitched back together
    I melt and flutter away into a transient state
    Sinking under the pressure of her beauty

    How can I be so blessed,
    Is this a test by the gods?
    To have their angel before me,
    How I wish for her to adore me,
    Her smile blossoms with an infinite glow

    I wander, I cry,
    What does it mean to feel alive?
    I fall into my shattered self without her
    Time after time,
    Night after night,
    My dreams keep her fresh in my mind

    I know a place where we can vibrate together
    Where we can radiate across the universe
    I was never lost before, how I wish I was lost with her
    Searching and waiting,
    Loving you is my only impulse

    Just to sit across from you
    Oh how my nerves speak the truth
    At last, my soul will be for her
    Not a sliver, nor a slice
    Not a piece, but all the skies
    All I want to do is get lost with her