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    i thought i died inside

    This song, it reminds me of you,
    Its rhythm in perfect sync with my breath, 
    Every background sound coming through, 
    Is like the heartbeat of our hope from birth to death.

    Slow and sad the melody, 
    like my mind when I stand in front of closed doors,
    But so light, mellow and freed, 
    as if my soul could just fly over and unite with yours. 

    Cold and dark.
    Sometimes life's like that.
    But there's this little spark
    in the sounds, in the effects. 
    The guitars, 
    like little sparks of hope.

    It's a sad song,
    but it lets me grasp for the stars,
    maybe helps me cope. 
    No expectations, only dream along. 
    It allows me to hope. 
    It lets me be strong. 

    It makes me feel alive.