• aditiiisingh 10w

    The very first time i saw you in 'slumdog millionaire' ... didn't like you much ..
    watched 'Billu' ..must say kinda impressed by your acting
    Then you came with 'Lunch box' with that dialogue - "my mother always used to say sometimes the wrong train will get you to the right station " much needed gyan for every people !!!

    "Sirf insan galat nhi hota ,waqt bhi galat ho skta " this took me 6 years to digest when i saw my loved ones going away for no reasons .

    Like every actors you got your normal dialogue but you always filled them with life .You lived the character like it's your own life .
    Your experiences ,a blind man can also see what you gone through.

    "kismat ki ek khas baat hoti h ki woh palati zarur hai "
    Dialogues have massive impacts on people's life and you made that happen
    I don't like theatres TBH I'm not a big fan of cinema anyway ..but i watched piku in there and God only knows how much i laughed that day "death aur shit ,ye dono chize kiski ko kahi bhi kabhi bhi aa skti hai" (lets not talk about death)
    You serious fool ... gave humour to very intensified roles !!!!
    Irfan you dignified the roles of human not just cinema !
    "People will come to watch my work not my face " (you have both huhh) spending my time onto you was never wasted ...Irfan hai to hit h !!

    Life of pie, hindi medium, karwan, talwar , madari ......list lambi h rehne dete h
    You ruled on people hearts ,became the heartthrob of every indians
    preferred bolly over holly to raise its contents

    Today everyone is mourning ,but waiting for you to come back .. ofc you won't
    Since few years so many good people passed away within a blink
    It felt the same when we heard about death of Dr A.P.J Abdul kalam

    "yeh sheher hume jitna deta hai badle mein kahi zyda humse leta hai " - life in metro

    With time alot of things will be taken away but afraid if this earth could ever rejuvenate the virtuous people !!
    R.I.P Irfan !! lots of love
    (not a big fan but fan of morality inside you and in others )

    - ©aditiiisingh

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    Death doesn't scare me anymore but world losing its essence of goodness affects everything !!