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    Have you ever seen a drop of rain that rests on your window's facade?

    The raindrop almost rests so peacefully as if nothing is going to happen, but that's the problem in today's world. Too much of goodness and positivity means that a catastrophe is about to arrive. And just when you think everything's going well, life contradicts you. What do you do then? You spend most of the time, the time when things could have been fixed, thinking about how you want just one chance to fix everything.

    What we don't realize is that the chance we all hoped to have was always there in those moments of despair, regrets and in the mysterious air of the unprepared storm in your life. Only if we would realize it first, life would be easier.

    That's when memories start playing inside your head. The memories you quite often kept ignoring to walk with the world. The realization strikes in, and then you hit rock bottom. That's when you need the place you always called 'home'.

    So, you ride back home, to the place where you learned to grow, where you made dreams, where love was always felt and where comfort never left you.

    You arrive at the doorstep of your Home. And oh did you ever think that this home, the one from where you wanted to escape and explore the world, would now become your latibule from the world?

    Rock bottom
    Hit rock bottom. It's important. It's important to let you know and realize and give you hope.

    It sounds foolish when I say that the state where you feel helpless is the time when you find ways to reach out to people who never left you and were always constant. So you reach out to them hoping they remember you, and it turns out they do. Because they will always be constant.

    Even if they are the people you buried once, you will find a part of them inside you for they truly loved you and left a piece of them in your soul to discover it.

    The greatest rock bottom of your life is the time when you will discover that piece in your soul.

    Turns out, the soul which you felt was hollow is starting to feel complete again.
    - Aradhya

    Hey! So, I'm back. It's been a long time. And I've missed this place so much. This is one of the many pieces I wrote during the days of my inactivity on Mirakee. (Idk if that sentence is correct or not)

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    Rock Bottom

    I'm not gonna give in, if I have to fight
    Then I'm willing to give my life, rather die
    Than lay down on my back, got no white flag to throw
    This is my Alamo, this, this is my Alamo.
    - Alec Benjamin, Alamo