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    Just wanted to post this and a few others about and old relationship I'm beginning to finally heal from. #heartbreak

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    Seasons of My Ex-Boyfriend

    We fell in love in April.
    The beginning of April when the air was still cold, and we hadn't yet felt the touch of a springtime sun.
    You were Early Spring. All promise of tomorrow, rainy weather, and birds returning from Winter Homes.
    You were frigid like the ice cold waters of Lake Darling during that time of year.
    I plunged fully into our relationship not afraid of hyperthermia.
    You were awake up call to my system, and a gasp for fresh air.
    You gave me prairie dog holes, to escape through when my house still felt like december.
    Made me long for lilacs, and longer days to spend talking to you about Summer.
    And then you changed
    Grew long blades of green grass, and yellow dandelions along your edges.
    You let summer breezes dance around, and erode your ice pick demeanor, and made your kisses feel more like blue skies.
    You were my best Summer Fling, not because you were a fling, but because you were the summer.
    You were soft June mornings, hot July Evenings, and humid August Afternoons.
    You were scorch, thaw, and melt on your best days.
    Over cast and sticky on days we couldn't get our weather patterns in sink.
    Your days grew longer till the sun ruining a good night sleep became unbearable.
    Until you became demanding for more skin to be on display.
    It was then that you made my heart sun baked, cracked from the heat exposure.
    Slowly started wilting my roses and leaving me shallow puddles as lakes when you kissed me.
    It was our dying moments, like the last rays of summer light.
    The last breath of twilight until you morphed into your next skin.
    That was my favorite time.
    Our bittersweet last moments before you froze up again.
    Before you turned cold again.
    When you wore red and orange like you were still inviting me to stay.
    That we weren't falling slow with the shortening of days.
    I knew we were dying then, and yet I didnt look away in those moments.
    Some deaths are too beautiful not to watch.
    I stayed until the last leaf of our love fell and I finally understood how I could resent you and still love you.
    It wasnt that I had to go by aloe to soothe your burn...
    It was that when you were the sun you burned, and when you were the wind you howled till I went and hid.
    And when you were the rain...you washed away your tracks on my heart. Hid the things you did to me, and allowed flowers and grass to cover up the skeletons of our love.
    You made beauty out of our ugly.
    Gave me flora and fauna to forget our earthquakes.
    To forget the sinkholes in our feelings.
    You reminded me how everyone longs for the summer.
    But they forget the burn, the bite of a sun to close, to warm to touch.
    You reminded me how April showers bring May flowers, but July loves to kill them.
    How August enjoys the way it makes us uncomfortable, and that every relationship has its seasons.
    You taught me a lesson on frostbite, how ever love gets it when one heart has turned cold.
    And the other is still aching fingers wanting to touch it.
    It is April again. I remember that this is the Anniversary of us.
    A springtime for the once upon a time.
    Just this time without us.