• yukihogosha 9w


    There was once a door
    A locked door
    It's key was unfortunately on the other side in a place only the door knew
    You could try to break into it but then all on the other side of the door would collapse
    You could try to pick the lock but you would only damage the door and it would never open again
    So how then do you open such a door
    Sometimes you ask if the door itself is worth opening
    You know it is though
    You're not sure why but more than anything you want to open that door
    You're sure there's an answer to a question you're not even sure of on the other side of it
    So you sit in front of this door
    Staring at it each day and sometimes trying the handle hoping that it'll just unlock magically one day
    It never really does
    Until one day it finally creaks a bit and you can see what's on the other side
    It doesn't move more than that little creak but you're overjoyed more than anything about that little creak
    On the other side is dark and there's not much, even with that you stay with the door...never moving from it
    "I don't know what I did, not even sure if it's something I did but you're open a little now and that's enough for me. At least you're not locked anymore."