• nativewolf25 6w


    Why do people have to lie? Why can't we just tell the truth? Not pretend to be someone else or pretending to be someone's friend or pretending to like someone but really you don't! Why can't people just stay true to themselves and to other's? This is why I don't trust people. This is why I hate opening my heart to them. Just to see in the end it was all a lie and end up getting hurt in the end. This is what happens when you have a haert of gold and trust to easy cause it's your nature to be real. But Playing games with people feelings will not only end with sadness but it will end up with hurt,anger, hatred and not wanting to trust people ever again. Just remember someone will always find the truth in a lie. The big question is who is going to win in this situation? Is it going to be you who starts the big lies? Or the person getting hurt from the lies? Or are we both going to het hurt from each other. One for starting the lie and seeing hurting someone with a heart of gold. The person with the heart of gold getting hurt cause he or she trust in the person to be their friend or whatever but turn pit to be just a lie just a fake big lie. Be yourself don't lie. Cause I'm the end your just lying to yourself.