• maybeyourtale 9w

    Random snippets : why everyone needs an introvert .

    1. We are amazing listeners from talking about your insecurities or which ice-cream to order :-P

    2. We would be incredibly loyal to those who are loyal to us. We are there for you. Period.

    3. We can help you realise how you needed a chilled out movie night even when you didn't so yourself. P.s : we have good taste in movies.

    4. If you ever had a fight with your partner ,we can help you resolve it with just a few texts.we are good at texting :)

    5. In a bad mood you need introvert to soothe you. We can spot the problem and resolve it.

    6. If you need silly time. Get an introvert !! We are the silliest people on earth O_o. Once we get to know you we can have you in splits of laughter ;)

    7. We know more than what we show. We are good at observing. So we know it when you are sad.we are socially awkward though so we would make u feel better in one - one.

    8. We have amazing ideas no matter what could be the topic. Once we open up you would be amazed at how good we are .

    9. We have few people in our lives but we care a lottttt about them.We want you to succeed and have fun. We go both ways.

    10. We remain friends with a person forever . No time or distance can stand a chance in our friendship.

    P.s : We need time to open up .That's it. Nothing else :)