• vanshikatandon 22w

    Abode for a journey?

    On a gloomy, dark, rainy day,
    I stood and watched the abandoned house,
    Shattered glass, tattered roof, broken name-plate,
    unable to find any abode at the time,
    I walked into the daunting house,
    it took a while, to adjust in the dim light,
    Empty, wooden, dust-filled house,
    was my only option for the night.
    A sudden shriek alarmed me,
    turned out that there was nobody,
    I wandered on the only floor,
    into two rooms and through bathroom door.
    a mirror hung on the wall,
    embellished by a ruby big as a ball.
    I fathomed a jeopardy,
    when a facade appeared in front of me,
    bizarre scene it felt to me,
    to see the eye-sockets empty.
    Eyeless face, broken teeth,
    the only thing I saw was the ugliness.
    A smirk passed by the wicked face,
    explained his extraorbitant desire,
    to suck the blood out of me,
    engulf my body parts, and,
    to condemn the entry of human beings.
    I walked half wet in sweat,
    towards the much needed exit,
    Astounded by the blood on the door handle,
    I felt a shiver down my spine,
    containing my astounded self,
    overwhelmed, I ran out of the house.
    I noticed a bizarre scene,
    the broken name plate,
    stood repaired and brand- new.
    With words engraved into the stone,
    I shook when I read it out,
    "Enter on your own risk,
    the only place for an eternal sleep,
    the walls are painted in red blood,
    the beds are graves of the dead,
    Welcome to the ghost abode,
    we treat our guest with the best,
    food and feast on human beings,
    taking you to a journey of afterlife"