• __shivaniii 6w

    Not boyfriend but boy friend!

    We were strangers!
    Strangers to friends!
    Friend's to best friend!
    Best friend to forever wala best friend!

    We went to same school,
    We were of same streams!
    You were older to me,
    And of different gender!

    After three months,
    We meant a lot to each other!
    We made fun of others,
    And enjoyed every seconds of it.

    He cares for me,
    I cares for him.
    He always protects me,
    And am truly thankful to him.

    He protects me ,
    In every situation.
    He often risks himself,
    And always helps me out.

    He also scolds me,
    For my childish deeds.
    I have no complains to him,
    As he says for me.

    I often annoys him,
    And he handles my mood swings.
    But it's so true that,
    I will always be there for him, when he will need me.

    Many people asks me!
    Is he your boyfriend?
    So the fact is no, we are not!
    Actually we don't have any word for our relation!
    As no words can define our bonding!

    ©__shreyanshi sundaram