• busy_man_s_soulmate 6w

    This is Y U call it Love

    Am feelin like am drowning..
    Drowning in your thoughts..
    Come lift me up...
    Come lift me up, as I -
    can't take it anymore..
    It isn't fun at all...
    It isn't fun at all,.
    That am the only one
    drowned in ur thoughts...
    It suffocating.. its suffocating
    That u keep coming to
    my dreams all night,
    Where I can't just tell
    Where I can't just tell
    How I feel about you..
    May be you
    feel embarrassed, but
    I can't help it.. 'coz love
    Doesn't know to judge
    Anyone with looks
    And status..
    This is why you
    Call it Love !!