• dawordbender 10w

    Character Flaw

    Da A*hole

    Dark faces dark spaces,
    I woke up in the morning in a dark place
    Last night had no requelation
    my memory has a questionable reputation
    Tho my actions has complicated this situation
    my mind stepped out in the dark filled with frustration
    Praying to God to forgive me my morsels and conscious
    has traded places
    Not sure why she is laying there butt naked,
    I will take this opportunity to leave her at the heighten of her relaxation she seems to be satisfied by my participation
    Being considered I don't think there is a need for an explanation
    her phone wouldn't ring with me on the other n
    saying how last night was sooo amazing
    Having withdrew emotionally she should have known
    what type of man she was socializing with socially
    I don't care if it was wish to be for my dick to fall off
    or I die from an incurable disease
    What is known about me, I wouldn't give a second thought
    if the roles were reverse and she got up to leave
    For all those who will say I'm rude or insincere
    I'm just speaking the truth
    that's probably something that not revered
    if these words hurt than my honesty has been clear
    For the next encounter that likes to be wined and dined
    understand who your in company with 
    before you accompany him inside