• kabeerkay 24w

    The girl under the tree

    That girl under the tree,
    always remained under the shade,
    even when love was in the air,
    even when sky was filled with care,
    She stood and held her ground,
    even she didn't took a round(of tree),
    she stood there for all the time,
    she saw the whole love sublime,
    Then there was this remorseful pain,
    when she has broken all the chains,
    But then his world was gone insane,
    And she expressed,she was holding in,
    My soul is darker than you think,
    Now i would like to have a drink, he said;
    she was shattered and turned around,
    and ran towards her roots,
    which was the same old tree,
    where she belong and live free,
    that girl under the tree,
    remained his trustee, a beloved devotee,
    The girl under the tree...

    © kabeerkay