• aceofhorrors 9w

    The Last Of She

    Nobody understands her.
    She doesn’t know herself anymore.
    She doesn’t freaking care.
    Now, she is contemplating whether to end early or not.
    Education doesn’t matter.
    Longevity is inconsequential.
    She doubted herself in the beginning. 
    She is never going to get famous or impact the world.
    Even with her wicked and wild ideas,
    She keeps it silent. 
    She uses her numbness to disappear.
    She longs to vanish from this world.
    Only to haunt those who made her suffer. 
    They say she cut from depression;
    However, that was only her fondness towards blood. 
    The apathy towards death.
    Life is a cruel world.
    Next time, you look for her,
    She is gone.