• _etra_ 50w

    Nothing but just my words.

    Faith wavering, I'm standing on the edge,
    All I wish for is to uncover the face behind the silhouette of my being.
    Soul trembling, I try to find an anchor,
    To save as much sanity as I can in a world raging insanity.
    Fingers crossing behind my back, I wish for the spark of hope to not be put out altogether,
    For even I'm scared of the dead eyes looking back at me in the mirror.
    Stomach churning, I try to voice out my fears,
    Afraid of the choker of silence soon to be collared around my neck by the monsters in disguise around.
    Heart breaking, I try to be stronger for the sake of little bit of humanity left behind in me,
    To try to shelter the tiny pieces of poor little broken me by the vultures lurking around the corner.

    I got nothing but my words to armour up against the harsh cruelty of a damned world people tend to praise in their poetries.
    I got nothing but my words to lash out emotions so deep that will avenge all the wounds on my battered soul.
    I got nothing but my silent words that scream louder than anything ever to exist.
    Nothing but just my words.