• annogami 5w

    The child sitting in the corner
    Watched her mother
    Hang herself.
    Laughed at her
    Till she was decayed down to bones
    The mother thought she could escape
    The burden of her life
    But the laughter of her child
    Never let the soul go away
    The laughing echoes held her tight
    As they say world is so small
    There was a man witnessing all this
    From the key hole
    Whispering the words to reach the ears
    Of the child.
    " Laugh my child, laugh to the sorrow
    That has stamped on you , laugh a bit more"
    Out of the uncertainty
    The child whispered back after a while
    "Why do you peek through the hole
    Where i can see you from behind"
    Laughed into the man's ears
    Consuming his soul
    Whispering some more
    "Laugh is what i exist for, laugh is what i am for"